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In light of the emerging role of economy in the world in general and the Arab region in particular, a group of businessmen and journalists launched in the early 90’s a new business oriented magazine. And since, Al Morakeb Al Inmai Magazine has been playing a significant role in following up and covering the major and latest economic issues worldwide.
Al Morakeb Al Inmai was dedicated to providing its readers with the most up-to-date local and regional business news. It has a proven record in covering events related to the economic sector.
The magazine introduced the facts in a simplified, yet professional manner, and provided detailed studies and analyses focusing on the social and economic dimensions, as well as interviews with major economic stakeholder.
As a business pan Arab publication, Al Morakeb Al Inmai dealt with various economic sectors, mainly banking, insurance, commerce, local, regional and international economies, information and communication technologies (ICT), transport, tourism and hotels, industry, in addition to other non regular sections.
Al Morakeb Al Inmai continued publishing from 1991 till 2014. As we’ve experienced a fast but steady growth on the regional and global levels, and our name was a synonym to excellence, as we present ourselves as one of the leading monthly business magazines.
In 2014, and due to the expansion of the magazine’s business and its success, and to keep up with the business path and the new eras, the company's board of directors made the big decision to create a company of a group of specialized magazines, and the result was the establishment of Al Morakeb Group SAL, which began to operate at the beginning of the year 2015.
Al Morakeb Group issues 3 different magazines in addition to Al Morakeb Al Inmai, which continues to publish supplements of specialized issues.
The 3 other magazines are:
- Al Morakeb Al Mali: specialized in the banking, transport, information technology, tourism, trade, industry and other economic topics.
- Al Morakeb Al Ta’mini: allocated to the insurance sector and all its divisions.
- Al Morakeb Al Ikari: deals with real estate and construction.
Al Morakeb Group will continue the journey that Al Morakeb Al Inmai started in the early 90s with the same enthusiasm and eagerness.
Our readers vary from elite businessmen, to leaders and players in the economic sector, to university students, and people interested in the latest updates of the world’s economic developments.

Regional circulation 75,000

Geographical Breakdown

Our figures deserve a closer look.

Every month we take readers from around the world on a tour of business/economy. Al Morakeb Group sells around 75,000 copies a month, and the number keeps rising. What’s more, our readers are Ideas People. People who are united not by age or demographics, but by how they think and how they view the world. People who read Al Morakeb Group with figures like this, it’s worth taking a closer look.

Published in Lebanon, Al Morakeb Group is distributed worldwide, with 75,000 copies issued every month, out of which 10,000 are distributed in Lebanon. 55,000 copies in Arab World, mainly KSA, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Sultanate Of Oman, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Iraq, Irbil-Kurdistan, 2,500 in Nigeria, 2,500 in Ghana, and 5,000 in Europe (Paris & London).

Distribution by sector (%)

Regional share (total worldwide circulation 75,000)

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